Sunday, November 13, 2005

India thrash Sri Lanka in Cricket ODI series

Yay! After a very long time, the theoretically strong India applied things into practise and thrashed Sri lanka 6-1 in the recent one day international series. As an Indian cricket fan, It was heart warming to see our guys perform well as a team. All the newcomers stood up to be counted when needed. Every Indian fan has been envisaging this crushing win for a long time. Ganguly was finally off the team for his low scores over the last three years and it rather looks like a bleak future for the former cricket captain. To all Ganguly fans out there, I hope you understand that he has not performed against the likes of good teams ( and this doesnt include kenya, bangladesh and zimbabwe) for a long time now and he does not merit a place in the team :). Please do not waste pages and pages talking about past glories (things that happened a long time ago, like 5 years) for cricket is a professional game and there is no place for non-performers. Ganguly, probably, extended his stay over the last year or so :).

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Malaria vs Cancer: Which disease gets more research

Malaria kills around 2000 (A huge number!) african children every day and accounts for three percent of all the productive years of life lost to diseases. It is a pity that it only gets one-third of one percent of the total amount of money spent on medical research. One big reason is because if africa is an under-developed country and most people dont care! More money is spent on researching diseases that attack the so-called rich people in the world because they provide the money!

It makes me wonder if mankind is evolving at all? Are we really looking for the welfare of human beings in the world or are we after our selfish goals?

One good news is that atleast one technocrat, namely, Bill Gates recently donated 258 Million dollars for Malaria research through his foundation (link) . Well, I am happy to hear that there a few sane rich people around in the world too! :)