Saturday, February 04, 2006

"I Bid Adieu" My Uncle!

I had recently been on a visit to India in December to meet all my folks after a year and a half. It was one of the most enjoyable and yet, one of the most sad tours I have had. Just three hours before my trip was over, I heard that my uncle passed away in a road accident! While it left the whole family in tears, I felt sad and shocked by the transience of life! I had met him the previous day and we had completed some shopping and then I came home to wave another bye to him on the phone. To learn that the very same person is no longer alive was a bit difficult to comprehend and it has been the same until today! As much as I would like to accept the fact and move on in life, this incident seems to have left a profound effect on my life!

I bid adieu, my uncle for we have spent a lot of the good times together and it is only sad that you had to leave us at an inappropriate juncture!