Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Swwwwwaaatchhhh!

Oh! yeah, I got another swatch to add to my portfolio of watches during my recent NewYork trip. This makes it seven watches on my collection and looks like a cruise towards two digits. Click here to see my newest addition.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Undulating Mind

As I travel on a united airline flight from chicago to austin, I cant help but think of my inability to do any work unless under duress. It took me fifteen minutes to debate whether I should get up from my seat, get the laptop in the bag from the overhead bin, and then, the most difficult part of all: switching it on! Now that I have crossed all the barriers and started typing incomprehensible sentences, my mind wanders off in a direction that is totally undulating, I am thinking of my presentation day after tomorrow, and now, I am worried about buying a car. Then again, I havent really prepared myself for the presentation, and now, Should I buy the car in boston or in salt lake city? Oh, I dont seem to be nervous about my presentation, and now, I wish I had a full time job that would get me a BMW 3 series or a Merc C Class. It is a pity that the mind can process unrelated thoughts at such high speed (Hyper-Hyperthreading!), that I wonder: Will a machine ever replace the most mysterious living thing in this world: The human mind!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hall of 'Shame': Times Of India, An Indian Newspaper

I wake up in the morning and get online to read some of India's newspapers and by far, the Times of India seems to top the list of the worst papers ever published! If I am talking crap, why does the front page of an Indian newspaper have a quarter page article on Brad Pitt's travel to the Rishikesh to get high (today's issue)? There is definitely "more" critical issues that Indians need to know about. Yeah! Brad pitt's tour needs a mention, but not in the front page!

I just hope that the journalists/editors are more responsible and professional about front page content in the future.

Monday, March 06, 2006

AT&T : vying to be the top telephone backbone

If you have heard of UNIX and C, then you probably know "AT&T"; It has agreed to buy SBC (Cingular wireless)
and the deal would make it the largest telephone company in the US. That is, if the deal goes through! The consumer federation of America is afraid of market monopoly and has urged the antitrust authorities to block the deal. As a long time C programmer, I would love to see the then famous "Ma Bell" research labs merge with the baby bell labs. After all, hasnt the C programming language been useful to us?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Search: car, phone and cray

Back to blogging after a self-imposed exile, I am now actively looking for a bunch of things that light up my otherwise quotidian lifestyle. Why am I looking for CRAY Inc, the yesteryear darling supercomputer company that is a minnow today? Well, the minnow is trying hard to turn the corner and its stock has almost doubled over the last two months. At 2.10$ a share, it might be a worthwhile investment for a short while. Until today, I havent put a penny into the stock market and it looks like an exciting avenue to get into, specially for the thrill of seeing the minnows bounce back!

My samsung e-105 is at the deathbed and am desperately looking for a new cell phone! And, to add to that, I am also looking to buy a used car (oh! grammar check: an used?) and have put in some research into the area. It increasingly looks like people have lost interest in the BIG THREE ( Ford, GM, Chrysler ) with their cars struggling to hold any resale value! The japanese carmakers have stamped their superior reliability in the market, but hey, that means I have shell out more money for them!