Sunday, March 05, 2006

Search: car, phone and cray

Back to blogging after a self-imposed exile, I am now actively looking for a bunch of things that light up my otherwise quotidian lifestyle. Why am I looking for CRAY Inc, the yesteryear darling supercomputer company that is a minnow today? Well, the minnow is trying hard to turn the corner and its stock has almost doubled over the last two months. At 2.10$ a share, it might be a worthwhile investment for a short while. Until today, I havent put a penny into the stock market and it looks like an exciting avenue to get into, specially for the thrill of seeing the minnows bounce back!

My samsung e-105 is at the deathbed and am desperately looking for a new cell phone! And, to add to that, I am also looking to buy a used car (oh! grammar check: an used?) and have put in some research into the area. It increasingly looks like people have lost interest in the BIG THREE ( Ford, GM, Chrysler ) with their cars struggling to hold any resale value! The japanese carmakers have stamped their superior reliability in the market, but hey, that means I have shell out more money for them!

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"...self-imposed exile..."

i wonder why..!