Friday, March 09, 2007

Pushing People to a Corner

It is amazing how certain people respond when they are pushed to a corner and have nowhere to go. If you are a person doing research in Psychology, this probably is a area that you heard about a lot. Anyway, I was amazed by a series of events in which an person can totally avoid habitual events that are inherently part of everyday life (think sleeping, everyone sleeps for five hours atleast each day on the average). The object under study had to meet a deadline that could only have been accomplished if he worked continously for a week, getting about two hours of sleep every day. One would think that after about a week, you would probably feel tired and would sleep days together to get better. Surprisingly, the person picked it up as a habit and has been fitting his schedule around two-three hours of sleep every day. It gives you the path that so many things taken for granted are more or less changeable if you want to! It gives a new foray in the beautiful journey that is life.


Alex said...

That's really interesting...maybe i should try it, i sleep too much :D

KyleH said...

We rarely test the limits of our human condition; no or little sleep for days, food for weeks, running, climbing, etc.
No sleep shows up first in the temporal lobe, where regions simply go quiet in MR scans. Slurred speech is one symptom of this.
Eventually your brain will sleep. You will have little control over 2-3 second periods of delta waves. If this occurs while driving... lets just hope you drive a small car.