Sunday, September 25, 2005

Indian cricketers: professionals or lazy bones

Here is what some of the Indian cricket players purportedly had to say about the new coach Greg Chappell's ways:

"He's a bit too rough in his approach. He's just come to the job and he's being ruthless. We all know that we have to work hard on fitness and all that, but you can't just push people away the first time they struggle with a fitness regimen"

Oh! please wake up you cricketers! It just means that you guys have been goofing off the last few years and have basically been unfit to win matches! The coach has been with you for three months now and you will be fifty years old by the time you slowly warm up to the fitness drills!

I am not here to support any side here but things apart, I find it difficult to understand that a bunch of professionals (no.. lazy bones) complain about the coach asking them to do fitness regimes. You guys are paid millions on contracts and advertisements to represent the country and you cant even carry out fitness regimen! Fitness is a critical part in modern day sporting regimes and now, we know that our cricketers have not been upto par in the last few years and that has basically shown in bad results. we can only beat Australia or England if we are professional and disciplined! just whining about do working is very sad to hear!

I just hope that we will have a set of professional (fit) players representing team India!

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