Monday, September 12, 2005

A Season McLaren blew !

I have been following McLaren-Mercedes ever since the days of Mika (Hakkinen) and have been an ardent fan of the technological advances in the sport of Formula-One racing. Right from the aerodynamics employed in the cars to the on-board processors used for electronic control, F1 has always represented the pinnacle of engineering. In this article though, I will try to enumerate why McLaren should have already had the championship in the bag and how both the drivers and the reliability issues blew away the perfect season.

McLaren started the season as one of the favorites to win the championship along with Renault. After the initial set of races, it was pretty clear that McLaren was the fastest car in the field though it came at the cost of reliability concerns. Alonso started off the season in consistent fashion and has kept up to his name by gathering points whenever McLaren failed! Montoya has always been reckless ever since his start on the Williams a couple of years ago and blew away too many team points because of his stupid mistakes; Raikkonen, on the other hand could be considered unlucky to an extent even though he committed a couple of mistakes.

With three races to go and Alonso walking away with the championship mostly, I just hope the McLaren drivers hold their heads to get the constructor's title!

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